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Intelligent Automation Enterprise Enablement - Center of Excellence (COE)

CASE STUDY Transformed poorly instrumented manual processes into a future-proof digital enterprise - delivering over 27% productivity...

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Automation Factory: What Is It and How Can Your Organization Benefit?

Organizations are increasingly adopting automation to boost efficiency, reduce overhead, and improve accuracy—market value hit $635.24...

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What Healthcare Organizations Can Learn from the Daylight Savings Debacle

Each spring the United States and some 70 other countries move their clocks forward one hour for Daylight Savings Time (DST)—and then back...

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Why Are Organizations Digging Process Mining?

We’ve all heard the phrase, “It looked good on paper,”—meaning that an idea appeared to work in theory—but not when it was actually put to...

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Practical Applications of Intelligent Automation

The healthcare industry has several chronic issues, including a shrinking workforce and thinning margins. As a result, many healthcare...

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Types of Automation Tools Explained - Intelligent Automation

Organizations are harnessing automation to improve business process speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Automation can also lend a helping...

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Intelligent Automation: Going Beyond Cost Reduction

Most Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) will tell you that a good deal of business decisions are based on budget and cost reduction—if it’s...

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5 Steps to Optimize Your Business Processes—and Get Ready for Automation

The word automation first moved into our everyday lexicon around 1946 to define the automobile industry’s growing use of self-moving,...

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Getting to Know: Prashant Krishnakumar

Welcome back to the second installment of our Getting to Know You series from Genzeon and CompliancePro Solutions. Accompany us “backstage”...

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