The enterprise community portal increased efficiency and compliance for the workforce  by centralizing communications and knowledge sharing. 



savings since implementation


speed and enhanced productivity


operational efficiency

Company Overview

A leading lifestyle retail company with a portfolio of global consumer brands spanning apparel, accessories, and home goods.

Company Type Company Size Company Capitalization

Lifestyle Retailer

24,000+ Employees

 $4 B+


Business Problem

  • Our client’s lacked unified system for employee queries, creating compliance risks.
  • They sought an internal help desk to serve as single point of contact for all staff - from ticketing to knowledge management.
  • Key priorities were self-service features, AI-driven automation, tight identity integration, customizable departmental workflows, and actionable analytics on tickets.


  • Worked with client to assess processes and requirements for self-service help desk system.
  • Built on Salesforce leveraging bots for automation and AI agents, customizable Service Cloud workflows and analytics-driven knowledge base.
  • Solution unified help desk capabilities onto a portal, empowering employees with swift, compliant issue resolution. Intuitive bots and knowledge center boosted productivity.





Results & Outcomes

$500k in reduced
labor costs

30% faster resolution, enhanced productivity
35% increase in
operational productivity