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Getting to Know You: John McKenney

Welcome to another episode of our "Getting to Know You" series, where we explore the stories of amazing individuals joining the Genzeon...

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Centralized Community Portal for Enhanced Efficiency and Compliance

CASE STUDY The enterprise community portal increased efficiency and compliance for the workforce by centralizing communications and...

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Beyond Bots - Remote Selling & Conversational AI Chat

The hot thing in customer service? Businesses are utilizing talking computer programs to streamline customer questions and in return earn...

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Why is Maintaining Medicare Star Ratings Difficult for Payers?

Exploring healthcare star ratings is like figuring out a puzzle that keeps changing. It's about understanding the small details that affect...

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Renewed Excitement and Generating Value: Our Five Takeaways from ViVE2024

Billed as “where digital health execs go to do business,” the ViVE conferences are a great opportunity to actively listen to leaders from ...

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Engaging Retail Customers with Intelligent Chatbots

CASE STUDY Our client faced challenges in managing a surge in customer queries, causing delays in response times and issue resolution,...

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Medicare Star Ratings Explained and Their Financial Impact

Star ratings serve as a critical evaluation tool for healthcare payers and providers, significantly impacting both their reputation and...

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Digital Maternity & NICU Care Management Solution​

CASE STUDY In the highly specialized field of maternal and infant health, challenges are often centered around providing integrated and...

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Making the Difference: Empowering Technology Leaders in Evolving Times

The role of technology leaders has evolved beyond simply "keeping the lights on." They are now expected to be the driving force behind...

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Next Gen QA Transformation | Genzeon Case Study

CASE STUDY Consolidated siloed testing, built automation center of excellence and achieved 30% cost reduction and 80% test automation,...

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Intelligent Automation Enterprise Enablement - Center of Excellence (COE)

CASE STUDY Transformed poorly instrumented manual processes into a future-proof digital enterprise - delivering over 27% productivity...

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Digital Transformation of ROI Business

CASE STUDY Digital disruption and interoperability regulations, such as the 21st Century CURES Act, are rapidly changing the ROI landscape

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Advancing Healthcare Connectivity with FHIR: HIP One Interoperability

Efficient and seamless flow of medical data across healthcare systems is crucial for healthcare providers to have a comprehensive view of a...

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Addressing Governance in Healthcare AI Adoption | Webinar

In this one hour webinar, moderator Harsh Singh, GM, Healthcare at Genzeon, speaks with Kali Durgampudi, industry CTO, and Prashant...

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Emerging Generative AI Use Cases for Healthcare | CHIME FF23 Session

Recorded at CHIME23 Fall Forum, moderated by Harsh Singh, GM of Healthcare, Genzeon.

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MicroFrontend Architecture: Web Applications (Part Two)

If you missed part one of this series, please visit MicroFrontend Applications: Mobile Applications (Part One). While in that blog we...

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Pragmatic and ROI-driven Strategies for Generative AI Initiatives in 2024

In this pre-recorded webinar, our speakers explore a pragmatic and ROI-driven approach to Gen AI initiatives in healthcare in 2024. Join...

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