increase in client market share


increased traffic to the APIs


unlocked additional revenue


Company Overview

A leading digital health and wellness company that provides a comprehensive platform to help individuals manage all aspects of their health in one place.

Company Type Company Size Company Capitalization

Digital Health and Wellness

2400+ Employees

 $1.5 B


Business Problem

  • Our client offered a health platform consolidating claims, provider, wearable and device data into an integrated view - available only as a bundled product locking in substantial capability investments.

  • They realized that unbundling the offering into an API product portfolio was vital to meet the growing market needs and to catalyze and harness community creativity for their dynamic roadmap.

  • We were engaged to facilitate the platform's leap into an API-centered economy – unlocking previously walled-off capabilities for universal access.


  • We partnered with our client to spearhead their API transformation journey – through a “Business API first” approach. Joint workshops unearthed partner integration scenarios that shaped the initial self-serve API product mix - spanning devices, diagnostics and interoperability.

  • Architects then implemented modular backend microservices supporting these external facing APIs - spanning areas like access policies, subscriptions and authentication. Additionally, we set up a developer portal to simplify API discovery using the portal catalog.

  • This solution was built natively on AWS with a product go live in 4 months





Results & Outcomes

15% increase in market share 25% increased traffic
to the APIs
$10-15 million unlocked additional revenue