Our client faced challenges in managing a surge in customer queries, causing delays in response times and issue resolution, potentially violating service level agreements and regulatory standards.



reduced labor costs


customer satisfaction boost


increase in agent productivity

Company Overview

A leading lifestyle retail company with a portfolio of global consumer brands spanning apparel, accessories, and home goods.

Company Type Company Size Company Capitalization

Lifestyle Retailer

24,000+ Employees

 $4 B+


Business Problem

  • Customers preferring alternative communication channels encountered restricted access, complicating prompt query resolution and meeting diverse customer needs.
  • Existing customer service limitations raised regulatory concerns and diminished customer satisfaction, jeopardizing the brand's reputation and customer loyalty.


  • Our Digital Engineering team collaborated closely with the client to analyze existing customer support challenges, focusing on query management and accessibility.
  • Implemented CRM bots to automate tasks and manage FAQs, improving query handling efficiency, integrated the bots into the client’s existing CRM system for instant support and streamlined query resolution.
  • Implemented SMS integration to enhance accessibility and diversify communication channels.







Results & Outcomes

$1M in reduced
labor costs

30% boost in
customer satisfaction
40% increase in
agent productivity
  25% faster resolution for customer questions