Cloud concepts can be challenging to understand for those without technical backgrounds and decision-makers are often not cloud experts. Their expertise lies with the organization’s finances. To make a sound decision, they must be able to understand what it is they’re considering. Delivering easily digestible information your non-technical audience is critical for a successful cloud adoption.

Top 5 tips for speaking about cloud technology:
  1. Customize Your Communication
  2. Simplify Your Language
  3. Elaborate With Visuals
  4. Standardize Basic Materials
  5. Promote Ongoing Education


Customize Your Communication

Cloud adoption and operation can involve many areas of a business. Will you be speaking to the accounting director? Maybe the legal department? Probably strategy and governance and senior leadership. Customize your message for each persona, focusing on how it will directly affect them and their teams s. Those involved with legal and risk management need to know cloud security policies and compliance risks while those involved with budgeting need more emphasis on the financial impact of switching to cloud-based operations.


Simplify Your Language

Technical jargon is one of the quickest ways to lose interest. Complex language that your listener doesn’t understand only serves to alienate them. Simplify your vocabulary and avoid acronyms. If you must use technical terms, first explain their meaning in clear language. For example, if you’re speaking of “virtualization,” explain that that is refers to creating a virtual version of a physical computer. Of course, don’t omit all details just for simplicity, just be sure you define them.


Elaborate with Visuals

Pictures, charts, diagrams—anything visual—can help your non-technical audience connect with your concepts. Visual props also help to hold attention and interest, especially with otherwise dry or complicated topics. Something as straightforward as a flow chart can help your audience better follow a process that might otherwise be difficult to track.



Standardize Basic Material

Though you do want to tailor details for different personas within the company, some basic information should be standardized—think of it as a “for beginners” overview that could be presentation anyone within the organization. This will create a consistent and easily scalable pitch, presentation, or onboarding.


Promote Ongoing Education

Establish an open-door policy that invites questions and continuous support. Non-technical staff may have questions down the road or simply need information reiterated. Being a willing and understanding educator can go a long way.

Organizations that can collectively understand the cost and operational changes and benefits will be more likely to adopt cloud technology. Help them along in their journey by delivering clear, digestible information.


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