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Getting to Know You: John McKenney

Welcome to another episode of our "Getting to Know You" series, where we explore the stories of amazing individuals joining the Genzeon...

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Centralized Community Portal for Enhanced Efficiency and Compliance

CASE STUDY The enterprise community portal increased efficiency and compliance for the workforce by centralizing communications and...

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Beyond Bots - Remote Selling & Conversational AI Chat

The hot thing in customer service? Businesses are utilizing talking computer programs to streamline customer questions and in return earn...

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Why is Maintaining Medicare Star Ratings Difficult for Payers?

Exploring healthcare star ratings is like figuring out a puzzle that keeps changing. It's about understanding the small details that affect...

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Renewed Excitement and Generating Value: Our Five Takeaways from ViVE2024

Billed as “where digital health execs go to do business,” the ViVE conferences are a great opportunity to actively listen to leaders from ...

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Engaging Retail Customers with Intelligent Chatbots

CASE STUDY Our client faced challenges in managing a surge in customer queries, causing delays in response times and issue resolution,...

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Medicare Star Ratings Explained and Their Financial Impact

Star ratings serve as a critical evaluation tool for healthcare payers and providers, significantly impacting both their reputation and...

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Digital Maternity & NICU Care Management Solution​

CASE STUDY In the highly specialized field of maternal and infant health, challenges are often centered around providing integrated and...

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Making the Difference: Empowering Technology Leaders in Evolving Times

The role of technology leaders has evolved beyond simply "keeping the lights on." They are now expected to be the driving force behind...

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Next Gen QA Transformation | Genzeon Case Study

CASE STUDY Consolidated siloed testing, built automation center of excellence and achieved 30% cost reduction and 80% test automation,...

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Intelligent Automation Enterprise Enablement - Center of Excellence (COE)

CASE STUDY Transformed poorly instrumented manual processes into a future-proof digital enterprise - delivering over 27% productivity...

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Digital Transformation of ROI Business

CASE STUDY Digital disruption and interoperability regulations, such as the 21st Century CURES Act, are rapidly changing the ROI landscape

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Advancing Healthcare Connectivity with FHIR: HIP One Interoperability

Efficient and seamless flow of medical data across healthcare systems is crucial for healthcare providers to have a comprehensive view of a...

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Addressing Governance in Healthcare AI Adoption | Webinar

In this one hour webinar, moderator Harsh Singh, GM, Healthcare at Genzeon, speaks with Kali Durgampudi, industry CTO, and Prashant...

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Emerging Generative AI Use Cases for Healthcare | CHIME FF23 Session

Recorded at CHIME23 Fall Forum, moderated by Harsh Singh, GM of Healthcare, Genzeon.

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MicroFrontend Architecture: Web Applications (Part Two)

If you missed part one of this series, please visit MicroFrontend Applications: Mobile Applications (Part One). While in that blog we...

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Pragmatic and ROI-driven Strategies for Generative AI Initiatives in 2024

In this pre-recorded webinar, our speakers explore a pragmatic and ROI-driven approach to Gen AI initiatives in healthcare in 2024. Join...

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Breaking the Chains of Data Silos in Healthcare: HIP Clinical

In the intricate web of healthcare data, Genzeon's HIP Clinical, one module of the HIP One platform, emerges as a solution designed to...

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MicroFrontend Architecture - Mobile Applications (Part One)

Microfrontend architecture is an approach to designing and developing large-scale enterprise frontend applications by breaking them down...

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Human-in-the-Loop Healthcare Data Extraction: The Crucial Synergy Between Man and Machine

In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare data analytics, the need for efficient and accurate data extraction is paramount. While ...

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Continuity of Care: Overcoming Challenges with CCD Summarization

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, effective communication and seamless information exchange are vital for providing quality patient...

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Omnichannel vs. Unified Commerce in Retail: The Clear Breakdown

Are Omnichannel and Unified Commerce distinct strategies, or is one merely an evolution of the other?

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Redefining Healthcare Intelligence: Building the HIP Connect Module

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare technology, the need for smarter, more efficient solutions has become paramount. Genzeon ...

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Genzeon Names Ilanko Kumaresan as President and CEO Designate

(Exton, PA – November 9, 2023) Genzeon, a leading technology solutions provider, announced today that Ilanko Kumaresan has become the...

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Genzeon Launches HIP One | Healthcare-specific Intelligence Platform

New health intelligence platform harnesses power of generative AIwhile providing built-in privacy and security controls.

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How to Configure, Deploy, and Consume an LLM Model with OpenAI Service

OpenAI Service is a cloud-based service that allows you to use OpenAI's large language models (LLMs) in your applications. LLMs are...

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Fine-tuning a Custom Large Language Model with Azure OpenAI

Large language models (LLM) have significantly advanced natural language processing (NLP) tasks, and the ability to fine-tune them further...

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Evaluating Open Source LLMs (Large Language Models)

A large language model (LLM) is a critical components of natural language processing (NLP), a subset of artificial intelligence (AI), that...

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6 Ways ChatGPT and Generative AI Can Aid the Healthcare Industry

The latest iteration of ChatGPT has gotten people talking, and organizations are stepping up to try the generative AI’s (GenAI)...

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Retailers: It’s Time to Catch Up and Offer an Omnichannel Retail Experience

The year 2020 put the retail industry into e-commerce hyperdrive. Lockdowns sequestered consumers at home, shut down non-essential...

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Automation Factory: What Is It and How Can Your Organization Benefit?

Organizations are increasingly adopting automation to boost efficiency, reduce overhead, and improve accuracy—market value hit $635.24...

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Genzeon Opens New India Office in Pune to Accelerate Workforce Growth

Genzeon Strengthens Footprint with New Office in Pune, Capitalizing on Local Talent to Drive Healthcare and Retail Technology Innovation

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How to Talk to Non-Technical Audiences About Costs of Adopting Cloud Technology

Cloud concepts can be challenging to understand for those without technical backgrounds and decision-makers are often not cloud experts....

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The Strategic Automation Playbook | A Becker's Healthcare Webinar

Healthcare margins are slim. Wage inflation, revenue loss, and talent shortage have all contributed. Many have looked to automation to pick...

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#IWD2023 Women at Genzeon

Recently, the world celebrated women across the globe during International Women’s Day. Genzeon decided to participate by conducting a...

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What Healthcare Organizations Can Learn from the Daylight Savings Debacle

Each spring the United States and some 70 other countries move their clocks forward one hour for Daylight Savings Time (DST)—and then back...

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Why Are Organizations Digging Process Mining?

We’ve all heard the phrase, “It looked good on paper,”—meaning that an idea appeared to work in theory—but not when it was actually put to...

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Getting to Know You: Lolitha Bose

Welcome back to another installment of our Getting to Know You series from Genzeon and CompliancePro Solutions. Accompany us “backstage” as...

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Practical Applications of Intelligent Automation

The healthcare industry has several chronic issues, including a shrinking workforce and thinning margins. As a result, many healthcare...

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Types of Automation Tools Explained - Intelligent Automation

Organizations are harnessing automation to improve business process speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Automation can also lend a helping...

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Getting to Know: Vikram Pendli

Welcome back to another installment of our Getting to Know You series from Genzeon and CompliancePro Solutions. Accompany us “backstage” as...

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Intelligent Automation: Going Beyond Cost Reduction

Most Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) will tell you that a good deal of business decisions are based on budget and cost reduction—if it’s...

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5 Steps to Optimize Your Business Processes—and Get Ready for Automation

The word automation first moved into our everyday lexicon around 1946 to define the automobile industry’s growing use of self-moving,...

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Getting to Know: Prashant Krishnakumar

Welcome back to the second installment of our Getting to Know You series from Genzeon and CompliancePro Solutions. Accompany us “backstage”...

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Top 5 Takeaways from ViVE and HIMSS 2022

Four of our healthcare leaders went to these recent industry events at ViVE and HIMSS. The following is what they took away as the top 5...

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Customer Centricity Steals The Show

Recently, The National Retail Federation wrapped up the 2022 Big Show. While there were a number of key themes, one that continued to get...

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Genzeons’ Acquisition of CompliancePro Solutions

We’re excited to welcome the CompliancePro team to the Genzeon family!

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